Academy Bay Tours

We will go for a Bay Tour  on small boats on a 15 minute ride to the Sea Lion Islet, where it is possible to swim or snorkel (snorkelling equipment included) with playful sea lions pups, as well as plenty of small tropical fish.

From here we take another 15 minute ride in the same boat to Punta Estrada, which is a nice rocky formation with a cliff and a cove; perched on the cliff it is possible to find small numbers of blue footed boobies, frigate birds, nody terns. etc. Inside the cove there is a white tip reef shark nursery area, so encounters with small sharks while snorkelling are not uncommon; snorkeling in this area is very nice and stingrays and sea turtles are often spotted, as well as many tropical fish.

One hundred meters (300 ft) from Punta Estrada there is a pier that will allow us to land in the trail to Playa de los Perros, which will be reached after a 10/12 minute walk, here we will find a nice marine iguanas colony where big males can be found along with females and juveniles. Brown pelikans are a common sighting as well as scissor tail seagulls and frigate birds.

Price Per Person: 40 USD


Sales and Reservations: Guayaquil. Ecuador. - phone:593-99-919-8798