Our snorkelling tours are usually run along with our daily diving tours, on the same boats.  These programs include all the features of our scuba diving tours, but instead of tanks, the guests will use only snorkels; full snorkelling gear and wet suits are also provided and included in our price.

There will not be a guide at all the time with the snorkelers, but the captain and deckhand of our boats will always be taking care of them from the boat.  At some places, and depending on sea conditions, the deckhand may be available to accompany the snorkelers.  The dive masters will brief the snorkelers before engaging themselves to go scuba diving with the other customers.  Due to the water conditions in Galapagos, it is strongly advisable to have reasonably good swimming skills and fitness in order to enjoy the most of your snorkelling tour in our enchanted islands.

Academy Bay Tours: Academy Bay is the water area surrounding Puerto Ayora, our port of call.  The magnificence of the Galapagos water realm is really evident here, where less than a mile from the largest town in Galapagos, you can encounter playful sea lions, lazy white tip sharks and stingrays; during the cool season (June to November) it is very common to find big manta rays, and also eagle rays, inside Academy Bay.  This added to large amounts of fish and invertebrate, and to many sea turtles from November to May results in a fascinating snorkelling tour in only 4.5 hours.  The usually calm waters of Academy Bay make this a very good choice for every person, regardless of experience; the short navigation times (less than half hour) and close distance to all hotels also provide for great flexibility and comfort.

This program usually starts at 9 am and lasts until 1:30 pm, covering 2 snorkelling sites within Academy Bay: Estrada Point, where it is possible to snorkel with harmless young white tip sharks inside a very shallow cove, and La Loberia (Spanish for Sea Lion colony) a small islet less than 2 miles from the pier, where you can swim with playful sea lions.  Snacks and soft beverages are served on board in between dives.  Afterwards, you can have a great lunch sitting down on one of the very good coffee shops in town.


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