This a very interesting addition for any Scuba diving program, since it allows the guests to enjoy one of the best land attractions of the Archipelago: giant tortoises in the wild!!!  This tour only takes from 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on how many complimentary activities the guests would choose along with visiting the giant tortoises.

The basic tour takes 2.5 hours and stars at your hotel, where a bilingual naturalist guide will pick you up with private transportation for the ride of approximately 30 minutes, to a farm where you will be able to encounter giant tortoises peacefully rejoicing on their natural environment.  A visit to lava tunnels, and to other geological attraction: two sinkholes known as the twins, is also part of this tour.  Endemic vegetation, and its changes with altitude, produced by the differences in water availability, as well as distinctive birds (such as the beautiful Vermillion Flycatcher) are important attraction in this program.  The program ends when your guide drops you at your hotel on private transport. Best time for this program is from May to December; it is more difficult to find the giant tortoises during the peak of the rainy season (January/March) and during El Niño events.

This program is an excellent addition at the end of diving days to Academy Bay, Mosquera, Daphne or Seymour (i.e. starting at 2/3 pm); or, if you want to spend a whole day without diving, you can add –for an additional fee- lunch and horse back riding at the highlands, and half a day at the beautiful pristine beach of Tortuga Bay.


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